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Introducing Soho Hotel Booking 4.0 (Completely re-designed and developed)

Soho Hotel allows you to easily create a website which works for your hotel – receive and manage bookings, payments and guest queries with ease.

Main Features

  • Booking System: Accept online bookings and let your website earn money for your business
  • Multi Currency: Display prices in multiple currencies
  • Multi Language: A multi language plugin is included in the package allowing you to easily translate your website into as many languages as you want
  • Custom Colors: Easily customize the theme to any color scheme using the built in colorpicker options
  • WooCommerce Payments: WooCommerce support for payments allowing you to easily integrate many payment gateways
  • Multiple Room Rates: Charge different prices for the same room based on different packages, e.g. half board, full board, or whatever you want
  • Rate Variations: Offer discounts for longer stays, early booking, or last minute booking
  • Booking Conditions: Set rules for minimum / maximum stays, notice period, allowed check in and check out days
  • Guest Classes: Create as many custom guest classes as you want and charge a different price for each one, e.g. Adults, children, pets, babies, etc
  • Seasonal Pricing: Charge a different price based on the time of year
  • Additional Fees: Allow guests to add extras onto their booking, such as airport transfer, tours, breakfast, or whatever you want
  • iCal Syncing: Share booking data with other platforms where you list your rooms to avoid overbooking
  • Availability Calendar: Display block dates in a calendar
  • Custom Emails: Customize the confirmation email sent to guests when they book
  • Mobile Friendly: Looks great on any device


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Testeado hasta la versión 5.8.3

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